Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan: Force For Greatness 2018-2023

  • Pillar 1: Student Success 
    -All children are prepared for productive citizenship, college, career, and life. Our graduation rate increases as students in all schools meet or exceed proficiency in grade level reading, math, and other subjects required for graduation.
    -Students are co-creators of personalized academic and life goals whose voices are heard in the learning process as they develop strategies for perseverance and problem-solving.

    Pillar 2: Team Excellence
    -Instructional leadership at the district and school levels is stable and of high quality.
    -We recruit, engage, develop and retain high-quality employees in all categories. 

    Pillar 3: Stakeholder Trust
    -Through increased communication efforts and channels, parents, families and community members are better informed, more engaged and have an increased impact on decision making.
    -Our schools and district employees have positive perceptions of services and communication across the district.

    Pillar 4: Effective Systems and Planning
    -We maintain or increase student enrollment.
    -We look forward with a multi-year financial and facilities plan that encompasses enrollment, revenue, facility condition and need. 

Last Modified on July 22, 2019