• The Division of Student Support Services in conjunction with School Support Programs is committed to providing assistance to all students and their families in an effort to remove all academic barriers to learning. 91短视频 City schools offer students the opportunity to learn important skills that help them understand the importance of education through the support of student programs. 

    The primary purpose of a Dropout Prevention Program and staff members is to collaborate with districts, schools, and other sectors of the community by exploring ways to prevent students from dropping out of school. The program will provide them with resources, opportunities and outreach that will ultimately help students

    91短视频 City Schools ultimate goal is to provide students with support programs that will enrich, enhance, and innovate students the importance of education. We plan to make sure that all programs are geared to motivate students to stay focus, alert, and ready to take advantage of what our system has to offer.


    Dropout Prevention and Recovery:

    91短视频 City Schools offers a variety of nontraditional programs to meet the needs of all students. The following programs provide students with choices in their educational program to be prepared for life in the 21st century.

    • Credit Recovery/Repeat of Course
      • Students may re-take part (credit recovery) or all (repeat of course) of a failed course.
      • Program is offered at each high school.
      • For more information, contact your child’s counselor 
    • Temporary/Emergency School Placement
      • Students may be placed in this program for safety reasons, enrolling late in the semester, or being 2 or more years behind. 
      • Program takes place at the Dropout Recovery side of Dupuy.
      • For more information, call 205-231-9610/205-231-9605
    • Fast Track
      • Offered to students in the current graduating cohort who are 4-6 credits behind.
      • Goal is to graduate with  cohort in either the Spring or Summer.
      • For more information, contact your child’s counselor 
    • Dropout Recovery
      • This program is designed for students who are 17 or older and have been out of school for a year or more. 
      • The number of credits needed and the academic proficiency of the student determines how fast they complete the program.
      • For more information, call 205-231-9610/205-231-9605